Netizen to defenders of Mar Roxas : “If his own men can’t trust him, why then should we?”

A netizen responded on the two known defenders of senatorial candidate Mar Roxas who insisted that the former Interior secretary is not aware of what’s happening during the Mamasapano encounter occurred in 2015.

Yesterday, former Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda and Deputy Spokesperson Abi Valte defended Roxas at the same time after President Duterte revived the talks about the Mamasapano encounter which resulted to the loss of 44 members of PNP Special Action Forces.

The two insisted that the government kept the controversial mission secret even from Roxas.

However, a netizen, MJ Quiambao Reyes was not convinced by the explanation made by the two former public officials, saying that their statement only proved that Roxas let his superiors toy him during his term as DILG Secretary.

“That alone speaks a lot about the kind of President you both served and the kind of DILG Head he was. Worse, ano ang ginawa nya after he found out? Kinundena ba nya ang pangyayari?” Reyes told Valte.

“If he was clueless on an important operation right under his nose, what kind of DILG head was he? Worse, if his own men can’t trust him, why then should we?” Reyes said.

“Many thanks for reminding everyone how dysfunctional DungMaTweed was and just how weak its leaders were,” Reyes told Lacierda

As of writing, the post of Reyes already reached thousands of reactions and shares from the netizens.

Several days ago President Duterte revived the talks on the Mamasapano Encounter after he asked former chief executive Noynoy Aquino and Roxas about what really happened during the mission.

He vowed to endorse Roxas if ever the latter gave a good explanation on why the mission costs the lives of 44 SAF.

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