Agot Isidro and Florin Hilbay defends themselves over President Duterte’s ‘gay’ accusations: “Straight po sya. Straight din ako.”

Senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay and actress Agot Isidro defended themselves from the accusations of President Rodrigo Duterte that they’re only using each other to hide the real gender identity of the former because of the campaign.

In his past speeches, President Duterte urged Hilbay to admit his real identity, saying that he doesn’t need to hide anything and using a pretty actress like Isidro to convince the people that he’s straight.

Hilbay broke his silence on his Twitter account calling Duterte “chismoso sa kanto” and urging the President not to use gender identities as insult to his critics.

“For the record, I am straight. But, unlike the President, Agot and I are secure in our relationship we don’t believe that anybody has to prove their gender to anyone,” Hilbay said.

“Unlike the President, Agot and I don’t see being a member of the LGBTQIA community as a mistake or a source of shame,” he added.

Hilbay also denied that he’s not aware that many LGBTQIA members are working in the Office of the Solicitor General during his time.

Isidro also helped her boyfriend, insisting that they’re both straight.

“Straight po siya. Straight din ako. Straight kami. Straight 8 #OtsoDiretso.” Isidro said.

“At issue ba talaga ang gender? #LGBTQIA supporter ako, naniniwala na ang gender ay walang kinalaman sa integridad ng isang tao.” she added.



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