Paolo Duterte to Agot Isidro: Ikaw nalang ang maghubad!

Former Davao City Mayor Pulong Duterte has a message to celebrity Duterte critic Agot Isidro who challenged him to undress and show his back to prove that he’s not a member of a syndicate.

In a Twitter post, Isidro thanked the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte for urging senatorial candidate Christopher “Bong” Go to show his back to debunk the claims that he’s receiving money from illegal businesses.

However, she said that Pulong Duterte should also do the same thing.

“Congrats, DDS! Salamat sa pag-convince kay SapGo. Thank you SapGo for being a sport. Sport nyo yata ang pagve-ventosa. Akala ko basketball.  O, si Polong naman!!!” she said.

In response, Pulong Duterte made a Facebook post saying that Isidro cannot convince him to undress.

According to him, if Agot wanted to do an undressing game, she should do it by herself.

“Nanawagan ako kay Agot Isidro kung gusto nya ng hubaran, magsolo na lang sya. Or sila na lang ng gf nyang si Flor Hilbay.” he said.

Pulong has been accused of having a tattoo at his back which according to his critics, is a sign of his membership to a drug triad.

However, Pulong repeatedly denied it and also refusing to show his back at the same time.

His name has been dragged again last week after a whistleblower claimed that the eldest son of President Duterte really got a tattoo at his back.

The whistleblower also claimed that Bong Go got the same tattoo, however the right hand of the President debunked it after showing his back in a press conference.

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