Agot Isidro to her bashers who call her ‘Tanda’: “Sana ganito itsura niyo kapag nag singkwenta kayo!”

Actress Agot Isidro has a message to her critics on social media who mocked her because of her old age.

Isidro made her message via Twitter, saying that the people who used her age to criticize her will eventually turn old like her in the future.

“The very few times I read the comments, may mga tumatawag pala sa akin na ‘tanda’. I have news for you, gaist. Tatanda din kayo.” Isidro said in her post.

In her second tweet, she posted a portrait of her wishing that her bashers will look good as her in their 50’s.

“Sana ganito itsura nyo rin, pag singkwenta na kayo.” she said.

Isidro became a target of the Duterte supporters because of her critical comments about the current administration.

She’s now the girlfriend of Otso Diretso senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay who’s also critical of President Duterte’s policies.

Isidro is 52 years old while Hilbay is 45.

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