Pulong Duterte to critics: “Pagawa kayo ng sarili niyong tattoo!”

Former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo ‘Pulong’ Duterte mocked his critics on social media who urged him to show his alleged tattoo at the back.

In his Facebook post, Pulong suggested to the critics to get their own tattoo than being too curious on other’s body.

“Pakikialaman talaga ang aking tattoo? Magpagawa kayo ng sarili ninyo. Ilang taon din ang tiniis ko, kasama na gastos, pawis at sakit para dito tapos gagawin n’yo lang pulutan? No way mga Trillilings!!!,” he said in his post.

It’s not clear if Pulong is confirming that he really got a tattoo at the back in his post after he cited that he spent years to endure or just trying to make his critics more hype if the accusations of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV against the eldest son of the President is true.

Last year, Sen. Trillanes accused Pulong of being a member of a drug trial, citing that the former Vice Mayor got a tattoo at his back to prove his claims.

When the Senator asked Pulong to take off his clothes during a Senate probe, the latter refused.

A whistleblower revived the ‘tattoo’ issue again after he claimed that Pulong is part of a syndicate and receiving millions of pesos from it.

The said person also involved former Special Assistant to President Christopher ‘Bong’ Go, claiming that like Pulong, the latter also got a tattoo at his back.

However, Go debunked the claims of the whistleblower after he showed his back yesterday in public, showing no signs of a tattoo.


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