Public official brilliantly explains why people still believes Duterte and his family: ” The Philippines is better off today more than ever in our history.”

A public official hailed from Davao City explained the reason why many people are still supporting president Rodrigo Duterte and his family despite the issues faced by the chief executive.

In a lengthy post, PCOO Assistant Secretary Mon Cualoping narrated on how President Rodrigo Duterte made Davao City an excellent place to live despite being located in Mindanao which always being ravaged by war.

According to him, during the past Davao City was left behind by other provinces like Cebu and Cagayan De Oro. However, Duterte who became the Mayor during that time showed that he could correct anything by just imposing a strict order in his place.

He believed that if Duterte can transform Davao, he could also do it in the whole country as the President.

Cualoping also understands that Duterte still has critics. However, he believed that the supporters of the opposition are hypocrites unlike the supporters of the administration.

You can read his whole post below:

Do you know why we are believers of President Duterte and his family?

Because I am from Davao. Davao is in Mindanao, the most ravaged area in the Philippines after years of conflict from the colonial times down to the present.

Davao – gifted with flora and fauna, the king of fruits durian, the queen of flowers waling waling, the temperate climate – was stubbornly left behind by Cebu, the Queen City of the South, in the 70s, 80s, up to the 90s. But yes, Cebu is Cebu! So beautiful.

Cagayan de Oro was more progressive than Davao back in my grade school days. Maybe even Naga City in Bicol.

It took a Mayor to grow our city from the killing fields of the nation, from the hotbed of communist insurgency into one of the richest cities in the Philippines – with its own international airport and seaport, world-class malls and IMAX theaters, a bustling metropolis with skyscrapers and modern infrastructure of around 2 million inhabitants. And mind you, Davao does not have a CBD, unlike other cities.

Why? The Mayor pursued law and order. The law was and is above anything else. No one drinks and parties beyond midnight. No one jaywalks. No one smokes in public. Everyone respects one another, the law primarily.

Health service is a right. Gender is not an issue. Religion is respected.

This is DAVAO CITY. The Davao City that that Mayor grew.

He is our President now. Trying his best resolve to make the Philippines great, greater than our potential.

Yet, some continue to bring down our President and his family. They are not saints, but certainly not evil. They are as human as we are. But not hypocritical like the Ateneo de Manila alums, the Dilawans, and Jim Paredes.

So, again, I exclaim: The Philippines is better off today more than ever in our history. This is the best time to be a Filipino.

As for us enablers of the President, we are sunshine chasers all for a comfortable life for all Filipinos!

Long live, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte! Mabuhay! Duterte, forever!

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