Doctor slams the HR advocate who says Duterte should be a janitor instead of being President: “Keep your mouth sealed!”

A doctor slammed Human Rights advocate Francis Baraan IV for criticizing the efforts of the Duterte administration in cleaning Boracay Island and Manila Bay.

Baraan’s post on social media raised the eyebrows of the netizens after he said that the President is fit to become a Janitor than being the chief executive of the Philippines because of his priorities.

According to the HR advocate, Duterte only used Boracay and Manila Bay rehabilitation to cover his failures in addressing the other issues being faced by the country.

“It’s easy to clean up Boracay & Manila Bay. W/c is why Duterte made them one of his Top Priorities – to distract us from his failure to clean up the corruption in his own admin, his failure to clean up the dr*g prob in PH, & his failure as a President.” Baraan said in his tweet.

“Janitor na lang sana siya.” he added.

The tweet of Baraan didn’t receive positively by the netizens, including Dr. Keesh Potgieter who express her support on the recent project of the Duterte administration to clean one of the most important tourist spots in the Philippines.

According to Potgieter, Baraan should also think about the failures of the past administration who’s openly supported by the latter.

In her lengthy comment, the doctor listed the failures of the Aquino administration.

She also suggested that Baraan should shut his mouth until his biases against the government is still there.

You can read her whole comment below:

“Funny you brought that up now but turned a blind eye on failure to prepare and respond to only the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history as it devastated fellow Filipino an area in the Visayas, failure to rehabilitate those areas after millions and millions of donations in dollars and pounds were given out from the international community, failure to stop the influx of dr*gs in our very own government-run prisons, failure in fixing the railway system in EDSA to provide better transport for the Filipino working force, failure to remedy the “laglag bala” modus that victimized a lot of innocent people, failure in coordinating one of the biggest health investments of the department of health whose dud brought about fear in the Filipino masses to get vaccinated, consequently causing the current rise in measles cases bringing about mortality to a lot of our Filipino Children.

I’d love to hear you talk about those. Until you’ve learned to shallow your biases against this government, I think it’s best that you keep your harebrained mouth sealed. if counting failures in governance are your aim, then your biases and ignorance have afforded you at fat loss.”

The viral comment was shared by netizen Maria Bratikova, a supporter of the President.

As of writing, the comment of Potgieter received thousands of shares and cheers from the netizens who also supported the President.

Francis Baraan IV is the son of  Former Department of Justice (DOJ) undersecretary Francisco Baraan III who’s allegedly involved in the proliferation of shabu in New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

Several weeks ago, President Rodrigo Duterte started the project to rehabilite Manila Bay after the successful cleaning of Boracay Island.

He also announced that the government is ready to close all the establishment contributing on the pollution on the said tourist spot.


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