Muay Thai champion challenges the viral Ateneo student to a friendly match


The viral Ateneo high school student who’s a known Taekwondo champion got a lot of attention to the netizen after they discovered that he seems that he already made fighting other students as hobby.

Despite being a small kid, the viral Ateneo student who identified as Joaquin Montes seems that he’s ready to fight any people even they’re taller than him because of his knowledge about martial arts.

However, several athletes and martial artist condemned the acts of Montes who got featured in three viral videos showing how he fought some students of Ateneo.

One of the martial artist who seems to try Montes’ skill is Joshua Aaron III, a Muay Thai champion with the same age of the Ateneo Student.

Amid the issue faced by Montes, Joshua Aaron posted a photo of him challenging the Ateneo student to dominate him, probably in a mixed-martial arts match.

The photo of Aaron became viral on the internet, receiving cheers from different netizens and asking him to give Montes some lesson on how to properly use his knowledge in martial arts.

In his latest post, Aaron even teases his new fans on his skills on Muay Thai, showing them the video of his training.

When asked why he wants a friendly match between him and Montes, he said that he only wants to teach the Ateneo student a lesson.

“ako po yung humahamon, gusto ko lng po sya turuan ng leksyon,” he said.

Some even ride the issue and made a fake account of Joshua Montes, just to give hype to the people for the fictional fight.

Netizens even made several banners if the friendly match between Montes and Aaron is gonna happen for real.

Even several politicians and government officials already reached the news about Montes, including RJ Echiverri, describing the acts of Montes as concerning.

Echiverri also reminded the president of Ateneo, Father Jet Villarin to observe his student first before trying to criticize the government.

Meanwhile, Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) released a statement condemning the action of Montes against his schoolmates.

In the statement, PTA said that Taekwondo teaches people to be disciplined and not use their knowledge to fight other people for fun.

“Our association reiterates its objective to teach all Taekwondo practitioners, self-respect and respect for others,” PTA said in the statement.

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