Ateneo spoke about the viral video between their high school students


A video has gone viral on social media on December 19, 2018, showing a group of high school students from Ateneo De Manila University recording a fight between the two students.

In the viral video, an Ateneo High School student who’s a Taekwondo champion according to the source showed to be taunting and daring another student inside the men’s bathroom.

The student who started the incident asked the victim to choose whether to kiss his shoes or face the consequences.

After that, the suspect proceeded to strike the victim. However, the latter tried to defend himself while the other students are recording the incident and making fun of it.

Ateneo quickly released a statement saying that they “dealing with this matter seriously beginning with an immediate investigation.”

The school also urged the people to avoid sharing the video.

“We express our concern also about the risks associated with sharing the video, online and in social media groups. Not only has the privacy rights of these minors, been breached but it has also provoked some reactions that do little to help the school in dealing appropriately with the incident,” Ateneo said in their statement.

However, despite the pleading of Ateneo, the video continues to spread on social media receiving different reactions from the netizens.

Some even said that Ateneo wants to delete the video to hide the truth to the people.

Pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot also criticized Ateneo for giving comments about the government while they can’t even control or discipline their students.

 “I cannot post the Ateneo video as it involves children. Pero Ateneo ha…may prof na kayong mahilig sa paa ng esdtudyante, tapos ngayon eh nambubogbog na estudyante sa toilet pa. Nakakaloka. Before you guys lecture us DDS folks on being civilized, pwede ba paki-civilize nyo muna bakuran ninyo?” Sasot said in her post.

Ateneo faced several controversies this year after some of their students and even a professor got involved in illegal acts.

The leadership of the prestigious university is one of the critics of the current administration.

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