President Duterte to Honeylet Avanceña : You are my true love

President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that after all these years and having a relationship with different ladies in the past, he finally met his true love in his current partner Honeylet Avacena.

Duterte made a sweet remark to Avanceña after narrating his previous relationship with a ‘governor’ from Mindanao.


“Ah di ko kay naminaw si Honeylet. Karon pa ni siya siguro mahibaw. Naa pay usang gobernadora ngari nga dugay nang panahon, bata pa pud mi, nauyab nako (Ah I won’t say because Honeylet is listening. Maybe this is the first time that she will hear this. There’s one other lady governor here who — it was a long time ago when we were still young — was my girlfriend. Did you know about that)?” the President said.

“Pero siya na man gyuy akong true love, Honeylet. Kani sa tanang nakit-an nako, mao ni negosyante na mutuo gyud ko ana (But she is really my true love, Honeylet. Out of everyone else that I know, she’s the one that I will really believe in),” he added.

Duterte started his relationship with Avanceña 20 years ago.

He also proudly shared to his audience that his current partner became rich because of being good in handling businesses.


“OFW lang ni. Pero maayo mu… Kay valedictorian ni eh. Oh tinuod na. Iyang anak naliwat niya (She was just an OFW. But she is good at… Because she’s a valedictorian. That’s true. Her daughter takes after her),” Duterte said.

Duterte said that Avanceña who’s a former nurse working overseas save money to expand her business that started during her college days.

“Agsugod lang intawon og usa kabuok Mr. Donut katong likod sa UM. Didto unya niadto siya’g Amerika, nag-ipon og kwarta, trabaho. Overseas worker man ni (It just started with just one Mr. Donut store, the one at the back of UM. And then she went to America to work and save money. She’s an overseas worker),” Duterte said.


“Pag-uli niya, naka-capital siya, nag-franchise napud siya’g usa unya nisulod pagka kaning karne. Kanang karne diha iya na (When she came home, she had saved up for capital, she franchised another one and then ventured into the meat business. The meat being sold here is hers),” he added.

Before he met Avanceña who’s the mother of his youngest daughter Kitty, Duterte had a long relationship with Elizabeth Zimmerman, they have three children together: former Davao City vice mayor Paolo Duterte, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpi, and Sebastian Duterte.

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