Miss Grand International receives attention of netizens after she calls Miss Universe 2018 pageant cooking show


Miss Grand International 2018 Clara Sosa of Paraguay took the attention of the netizens on Instagram after she called the recent Miss Universe pageant a ‘cooking show’.

The post even became more controversial as Sosa used the official Instagram page of Miss Grand International (@missgrandinternational) for her post that apparently a protest against the result of the Miss Universe 2018.

In the middle of the celebrations of the Filipino in the victory of PH’s representative, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, Sosa posted an Instagram photo of her together with another man while preparing some ingredients.

There’s nothing wrong with the photo she posted, however, the caption of her post made it controversial.

“mabuhay !!! Real cooking show lol” Sosa said in her post.

The ‘Mabuhay’ in the caption of the Paraguayan beauty queen became the hint of the netizens that she’s mocking the result of the Miss Universe pageant which won by Gray.

The post of Sosa didn’t receive well by the netizens, calling her ‘cheap’ and ‘low-class’ for questioning the decision of the most prestigious beauty contest.

“Cheap words from a cheap low-class “queen”.” netizen hypebaesph said.

A netizen also urged the Miss Grand International and Miss Universe organization to investigate the post of Sosa, saying that she’s trying to taint the credibility of the prestigious event.

“Please do some proper actions about these people saying the results of the recent pageant held are rigged. I think that this post puts Miss Universe’s credibility at stake.” netizen keresjoy said.

Another netizen also urged Sosa to stop being unprofessional and stop questioning the result of the recent Miss Universe pageant.

“Major shade and not enough class and professionalism. Just stop hating already. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.” drrundisneylandmd wrote.

Miss Grand International organization is not yet releasing an official statement on the controversial tweet of Sosa.

Catriona Gray even during the preliminaries got the attention of the pageant fans and famous personalities locally and internationally like the renowned model Tyra Banks.


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