President Duterte reveals why Inday Sara hates the New People’s Army


Unlike President Rodrigo Duterte who’s at first friendly with the New People’s Army (NPA), his daughter and Davao City Mayor Inday Sara since start didn’t want any negotiations between the said rebel group.

Most of the netizens are curious on why Inday Sara was so angry with the communists that she even protest the peace talks led by her father between the government and NPA and now the President explained where the Davao City Mayor got her grudge against the rebel group.

According to him, President Rodrigo Duterte’s adoptive father is one of the victims of the NPA Elite unit called ‘Sparrow’ in Mindanao.

Inday Sara is still teenager when the incident happened and she already witnessed how the NPA committed their crimes.

“She was 14, 15 years old yung adoptive father ko, nung pumunta sila dito sa Mindanao nagkaroon ng kainan, doon nakikain pa ang mga animal.. sparrow.. pagkatapos kumain binaril sa ulo,” President Duterte said.

“Kaya kinabukasan kasama ko si Inday, kaya yang si Inday galit talaga yan sa inyo, tignan mo ang bunganga ni Inday, yan ang totoo para malaman ng tao na galit yan sa (komunista)” he added.

Inday Sara is known for clashing with different CPP-NPA-NDF members, calling them as terr*rist and liars.

The most recent criticisms threw by Sara was against the members of the ACT-Davao who accused her of not giving allowances to teachers.

“We have copies of the budget, pictures of distribution and the liquidation with all signatures. Pahirapan pa nga magpa approve ng grant ninyo at kami pa ang nasa alanganin and you have the temerity to lie. Kung pwede lang sana kayo expel outside of Davao City.” Inday Sara said.

Like his daughter, President Rodrigo Duterte also lose hope in negotiating with the CPP-NPA-NDF and he even ordered the army to make a task force to hunt the ‘Sparrow’ units of the said rebel group.

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