“Kaya laging pinupuri?” Blogger claims that Mar Roxas pays online influencers to promote him on social media

Former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas plans to comeback in the senate gained different reactions from the netizens, some cheered the defeated Presidential candidate while the others reminded him about the alleged negligence he committed during the Yolanda Crisis.

Some even repeatedly promoted Mar Roxas on social media, however a bloggers claimed that the Liberal Party’s front man in the 2016 elections are financing his senate campaign that he allegedly using even car show models to promote him on social media.

Blogger and Radio Host Mark Lopez shared the information he received from his car show model friend, he got informed that Mar Roxas’ campaign team are paying them ₱10,000 minimum per month post on social media to promote the said candidate.

The car show model who didn’t disclose by Lopez said that they need eight post to promote Roxas to their followers.

But they can also promote other candidates because they’re freelancers without any exclusive contract with the Mar Roxas campaign team.

She even told Lopez that she can help him in finding other influencers who accepts paid promotion for the other candidates in the 2019 elections.

The said car show model also clarified that they’re not supporter of Mar Roxas, but she refuse to disclose the candidate that she supported in the 2016 presidential elections.

According to Lopez, what he discovered is an evidence that Mar Roxas wanted to manipulate social media to clean his name.

You can read his whole post below:


People of the Philippines, I wish to present to you my personal discovery of how Mar Roxas is paying off social media influencers for his senatorial comeback.

The thing is, he is really going all out that even car show models are fair game.

Just to give you a snap shot of how I validated this – A car show model friend alerted me on a surprising trend in her circle of fellow models. She noticed a non stop posting of pro Mar Roxas news and blogs from her colleagues, which is unusual, as they were not inclined to be so engaged in politics.

So she sent me a screenshot of the posts of these car show models. I validated the identity of these models, and she confirmed them to be authentic FB accounts of the models.

I then sent friend requests to 3 of these models and also texted them via the messenger app.

One model responded. I introduced myself and pretended to be a PR strategist for an unnamed candidate for senator.

Peeps, see and read for yourself our conversation thread below.

Ako mismo ang kausap nyan.

And this is one clear proof of how MAR ROXAS is manipulating social media to fool the people.

Quite pathetic of him and his strategists to employ such deceptive tactics.

PS… I have blurred the identity of the model in the convo. Our exchange remains in my messenger app, and I personally vouch to its authenticity.”

Meanwhile another netizen told Mark Lopez that Roxas not only hire car show models to promote him, but also other big social media pages.

Bryan Henrry showed that some pages which is not talking about politics before suddenly shared Mar Roxas’ CNN interview about the Yolanda Funds, most of the pages used the same caption.


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