After President Xi’s visit, actor Robi Domingo declares: “Philippines not for sale!”


Filipinos warmly welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Philippines this week. However, some famous public figures doubt the sincerity of China amid the West Philippine Sea Dispute.

The critics of the Duterte administration also questioned the deals entered by the Philippines with China and warned that the giant neighbor of our country would lure us to debt trap like what they allegedly did to some developing countries.

And it seems that even the actor Robi Domingo is also suspicious of China’s friendly action towards the Philippines amid the tension in the West Philippines Sea.

During the visit of Xi, Robi Domingo tweeted declaring the Philippines is his home and it’s not for sale, he didn’t mention China directly but some netizens already suspected that the actor’s tweet is a message to the Chinese President.

“Philippines is my home. Sorry, it’s not for sale.” Domingo tweeted.

“Wala naman binebenta eh.. If you are the President anu ang gagawin mo kung minana mo lang sa dating President yung pinabayaan nilang sakupin at ngayon malaki na naitayo nila sa tingin mo ganun kadali bawiin yun kahit sinabi nila di nila pinaniniwaan ang desisyon ng Tribunal.” Edz Jaurigue Barrion (@ilovedz20) told Domingo.

However, a twitter account with a name Dalai Llama (@ligawnakalat) rebutted the tweet of Barrion, saying that the debt-trap strategy of China is dangerous and the Chinese government might use the said style to gain an advantage in the West Philippine Sea dispute.

“Anong gagawin? How about, wag umutang ng bilyon-bilyon sa China dahil may history na sila ng debt-trap strategy? I-sisisi niyo sa nakaraang administrasyon eh at least sila may ginawang action. Walang binenta, oo, pero may collateral.”

Actor Jim Paredes also expressed his support to Domingo’s tweet, saying that “trolls” can criticize him, and urged him to be tough.

“I am with you. Trolls will say a lot of things. Be teflon. Don’t let anything stick. You are in the right.” Paredes said.

A netizen also challenged Domingo to avoid buying China-made products if he really wants to oppose the actions of the Chinese.

“Then don’t buy made in China! The wealthy families in the Philippines are Chinese. I’m not a Pro China but I appreciate any country helping us.” Robert Marion tweeted.

China has been accused of debt trap after some countries that borrowed from the Chinese government cannot pay their loans anymore, because of this, they were forced to pay in other ways like giving their natural resources.

However, an analyst said that the Philippines is smarter than what the critics of the government think, saying that our country is more experienced in managing loans.

“I don’t think mangyayari sa atin iyon, unless brasuhin talaga ng decision-maker,” Jay Batongbacal, director of the University of the Philippines’ Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea, said when asked if the Philippines is likely to suffer the same fate as Sri Lanka.

During Xi’s visit, Philippines and China signed 29 deals including oil and gas development between the two countries.

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