Geopolitical expert on Duterte-Xi’s friendship: “Today was the greatest day in Philippine diplomatic history”

Geopolitical expert and Director of international politics website Eurasia Future Adam Garrie expressed his happiness after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the Philippines became successful and fruitful.

Garrie, in his series of Facebook posts, said that Xi’s visit in the country is considered as one of the most critical days in Philippine diplomatic history since 1946.

“Today was the greatest day in Philippine diplomatic history since 1946. It’s all thanks to Duterte. China’s door was open and rather than aim fire at the dragon, Duterte shook the dragon’s hand as an equal partner. Duterte and Xi’s partnership is beautiful.” Garrie said in his post.

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He also praised President Rodrigo Duterte diplomacy after he avoided a possible war by making China open its door than provoking it amid the tension in the West Philippine Sea.

The expert compared Duterte and former President Benigno Aquino III actions towards China, saying that the current leader’s decision to respect its giant neighbor is the right thing to do.

“Diplomatically, China asks only one main thing from its partners and that was the one thing that Noynoy could never give: respect! Duterte makes fun of those who deserve it and is a master of sincere decorum around those who command respect,” he said.

In his last post, Garrie urged the netizens to vote to the allies of President Rodrigo Duterte so they can help the Chief Executive to implement federal-parliamentary reforms and to improve the ASEAN-China relations.

“Vote yellow for a country that becomes poorer, weaker, less respected, less dignified and more nationalistic. Vote for allies of PRRD who support federal-parliamentary reforms to help The Philippines continue its great progress. Before DU30 The Philippines was either pitied or ignored. Under DU30 The Philippines is in charge of shaping a new win-win era of ASEAN-China relations. It doesn’t get much better.” Garrie remarked.

In his lengthy article, Garrie concluded that the Philippines is “now a serious broker for pan-Asian peace and reconciliation.”

“By leading ASEAN’s push to welcome a new era of cooperation with China, Duterte is a man sought by China as their first among many friends in south east Asia while for The Philippines China remains the most vital economic partner in sustainable development and will. only become more important to The Philippines in coming decades,” he said.

“This win-win relationship based on mutual respect is not just one for Duterte and Xi but one of the ages. More importantly, it is one that the Chinese and Filipino people have awaited for decades,” he added.

You can read Adam Garrie’s full article here

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