Two ladies has gone viral after allegedly disrespecting security personnel who only wants to check the boxes that they’re carrying

Two ladies went viral on social media on Wednesday after allegedly disrespecting the security personnel who wanted to check the packages being transported inside a compound.

In the video posted by Facebook Trending TV, it showed two ladies trying to use force against the security personnel just to prevent the latter from inspecting the boxes that they were delivered.

The security personnel kept calm even he was being pushed and shouted by the two ladies.

One of the ladies even asked the security personnel about their rights to inspect the goods being delivered inside the compound.

Trending TV claims that the man in the video is the police, however, we found out that it’s only a security guard who tasked the inspect anything being transported inside the compound.

As of writing, the video already reached 50,000 views on social media, however, the said Facebook page didn’t post the whole story of the video on their caption so we tried to investigate about its origin.

After our research, we found out that the incident happened at Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) housing compound at #36 Tandang Sora Avenue, Quezon City.

The two ladies were identified as the housemaids of Angel Manalo, brother of INC Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo.

We also found out that the original source of the viral video came from Eagle News.

According to INC, they’re inspecting the goods being transported inside the compound to keep everyone safe.

“These past few days, even their housemaids acted inappropriately when INC security guards tried to inspect the items they were bringing inside. CCTV video has shown they tried to fight off the INC security, trying to hurt them, hurling invectives and other foul words at them as the INC security guards tried to do their inspection,” INC spokesperson Edwil Zabala said.

“All these have brought alarm to the brethren of the INC.  A big number of INC members have expressed apprehension for the security, not only of the INC Central Office, but more importantly for the life of our most beloved Executive Minister Brother  Eduardo V. Manalo,”  he added.

In 2015, Angel and his mother Tenny Manalo accused Iglesia Ni Cristo of persecution after they exposed the alleged corruption of the said Church.

The leadership of INC strongly denies the accusations of Angel and Tenny, they decided to remove the two Manalos from the Church and ordered them to leave the compound.

However, the camp of Angel Manalo refused to leave the Manalo compound.

“Their privilege to stay in the INC’s housing located at the said compound ended with their expulsion from the Church on July 23, 2015.  Since then, they have already lost the privilege to reside in the housing compound of the Church. Nevertheless, in consideration of Christian principles and humanitarian reasons, we did not immediately order them to vacate the premises,” Zabala said.

“Despite being allowed to stay within the property owned by the Church, they have decided to engage in activities that threaten the very security of the INC compound which is very close to the INC Central Office, including the residents living near the area,” he added.

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