PNP says that teachers urging their students to rebel against government could be arrested

Philippine National Police (PNP) says that there’s a possibility that teachers and professors who urged their students to rebel against the government to get arrested.

This is what PNP Director General Oscar Albayalde said during a press conference Thursday, amid the rumors that the Communists groups are planning to oust President Rodrigo Duterte next month.

According to him, teachers should teach their students to be nationalistic than sharing false information and knowledge to them.

“Kung kasuhan kaya natin ang mga teacher na nag-iinstigate ng mga estudyante? They should be also charged for contempt… Kung mayroon man na faculty members,” said Albayalde.

He blasts the professors trying to badly portray the authorities to their students.

“Kung kami nga nagpapakamatay na para sa ating bansa. We are trying to save generations dito, and yet ganoon ang mga itinuturo natin sa ating mga estudyante,” he said.

He also gave a lecture to the state university students and teachers reminding them to be grateful of what had the government done to them.

“In state universities, they are given free education by the government and yet hindi ka pa graduate you are already going against the government that gives you free education,” he said.

“The same with the faculty also. Ang nagbibigay sa’yo ng suweldo ay ‘yung gobyerno,” he added.

Albayalde also announced that they’re willing to help the officials of universities being listed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) of being the recruiting site of the communists for the ‘Red October’ ouster plot.

Later, AFP claimed that as part of the 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the said group would launch activities to destroy the image of the government.

Meanwhile, Hilbay criticized Albayalde for his statements, saying that students are not obligated to be grateful for the free education implemented by the government.

“Sir, the goal of education (free or not) is to develop the critical mind of citizens. Students don’t owe government; they get free education from Filipinos who pay taxes,” said Hilbay.

“Education for the purpose of blind obedience is miseducation. Students learning to criticize gov’t for incompetence, corruption, inefficiency is wonderful use of public funds,” he added.


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