List of universities where communists groups are recruiting for the ‘Red October’ ouster plot

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) revealed the universities where the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and other destabilizers who allegedly part of the “Red October” ouster plot are recruiting.

19 Universities were listed by AFP, saying that some of the students are allegedly being urged by the communist groups to join the effort to oust the President Rodrigo Duterte.

These are the names of schools according to AFP Assistant Deputy Chief for Operations B/Gen. Antonio Parlade.

* UP Diliman
* UP Manila
* PUP Sta. Mesa
* Ateneo
* La Salle
* Adamson
* UE
* Adamson
* Earist-Eulogio Amang Rodriguez
* San Beda
* Lyceum
* University of Makati
* Caloocan City College
* University of Manila
* Philippine Normal University

Parlade said officials of these universities, except those with large scale student-activism, are not aware of their institution’s implication in the alleged destabilization plot.

AFP also said that they’re closely monitoring the movements in the said universities to prevent the communist to gathering members.

“In fact, they have already organized 10 of the universities in Manila. Right now they are making a lot of information drive wherein they will show to the old high school and even college students different approaches during the Marcos regime and equate that to the present administration,” AFP Chief of Staff General Carlito Galvez Jr. said.

AFP advised the parents to monitor their children if they’re currently studying in the said universities.

Officials of the mentioned universities are not yet releasing a statement on the accusations of AFP.

Meanwhile, Galvez said that rebel groups are forcing President Rodrigo Duterte to put the country under martial law.

“Like in Plaza Miranda, they will create chaos and force the President to declare martial law nationwide,” Galvez said during a Senate hearing on the Defense Department budget Tuesday.

“We believe that the communists are trying to form a coalition with the opposition and previous government destabilizers while setting a trap for Duterte to declare martial law,” he added.

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