“Boy Amok” finally surrenders to the authorities after being chased by two trucks of military

The man who ran amuck in the middle of a highway in Nueva Ecija, finally surrendered to the authorities Yesterday.

The viral video showed the said person labeled by the netizens as ‘Boy Amok’ bravely blocked the highway and asked for people who’s courageous enough to face him.

However, he didn’t know that two military trucks transporting an army platoon are also traveling along the said highway.

After realizing that he was spotted by the military men, his braveness has been replaced by cowardliness and quickly fled the area while being chased by the soldiers.

Some soldiers also helped to fix the traffic in the said highway.

Reports said that soldiers who chased “Boy Amok” are members of first Scout Ranger Regiment based at Camp Tecson in San Miguel Bulacan.

According to Ranie Chuidian, the source of the video, the man voluntarily surrendered to the Philippine National Police (PNP) San Leonardo.

In the photos posted by Chuidian, it showed the man together with his partner being interviewed by one of the police officers.

It seems that the man already realized that he done a great mistake by blocking the road and asking for a fight.

“After ng track&field sa tumana Meet hokhogan Thanks to first scout Ranger Regiment of Camp tecson tartaro San miguel bulacan phil Army..
At sa ating kapulisan,San leonardo police Station..headed by COP Ranny Casilla..” Chuidian said in his post.

The source of the video also didn’t forget to have a selfie with the authorities who helped to find ‘Boy Amok’.

The man apparently faced charges for giving inconvenience to the motorists whom he blocked.

As of writing, the video already reached millions of views from the netizens who gave hilarious responses on the unfortunate event happened to ‘Boy Amok’.

It’s not yet known why ‘Boy Amok’ started to run amuck, but some netizens speculated that he’s carrying a big problem.

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