Balladeer Anthony Castelo urges the people to unite and save Duterte: “The President taught me to show my love to the Philippines!”

Actor and balladeer Anthony Castelo urged the people to unite amid the destabilization plot against the government.

In his statement, Castelo believes that President Rodrigo Duterte has the capacity to fulfill the dream of the Filipinos for their country.

Castelo said that while former President Ferdinand Marcos taught him how to become patriotic, Duterte teaches him how to show his love for his country.

As being vocal in politics since the 1980s, Castello was confident that Duterte would finish the crusade started by the Filipino heroes who wanted to remove social injustices and maltreatment practiced by foreigners in the Philippines.

According to him, Duterte would be called a “hero” someday by the future generations because of his strong and decisive leadership which strongly needed by the Filipinos.

You can read his whole post below:


Sept. 21, 2018, Quezon City. On the 46th Anniversary of the Declaration of Martial Law, Dakilang Lahi Foundation founding chairman, singer-composer Anthony Castelo strongly urged Filipinos to unite.

“If we really love our country, then let us unite behind President Duterte to save and protect the Philippines”, Castelo stressed, adding “I believe President Rodrigo Duterte has been predestined to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of our people throughout the ages of true freedom and genuine change in society”.

Castelo said that the Declaration of Martial Law in 1972 which is being commemorated today, actually ushered in the establishment of a “New Society” of order, discipline and progress by President Ferdinand Marcos whom he said he admired and respected. “President and Mrs. Marcos taught me how to love the Philippines… and President Duterte taught me how to show it”, Castelo said.

Castelo believes that President Duterte will finish the crusade for the true liberation of our people from poverty and social injustice as well as economic attrition and political exploitation by foreign interests that Filipino heroes Bonifacio, Rizal and Aguinaldo, among others started and had died to fight for.

Castelo also said that Duterte’s strong, decisive and disciplinarian leadership, is the reason he is often criticized by so-called human rights groups here and abroad without looking into his heart to see his pure intent and deep love of country and noble mission to save and protect future generations of Filipinos.

“Believe me, the day will come when this revolutionary President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte will be called a hero… and maybe, just maybe, the greatest Filipino leader of this generation…” Castelo stressed.

This month, President Rodrigo Duterte claimed that the people who opposed him already joined forces to plan his ouster.

AFP also confirmed the “Red October” plot, however, they believe that it would be a failure because of lack of support.

“What they planned to do is initiate mass action which they hope to snowball into a people power such as what they intended last Sept. 21 or the anniversary of Martial Law. The turn out was pitifully small,” Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said.

Source: Anthony Castelo

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