Edcel Lagman says Duterte administration cause damage more than Ondoy, Yolanda and Ompong

Albay’s first district Representative Edcel Lagman slammed the Duterte administration in the middle of the Typhoon Ompong’s onslaught in Luzon, saying that the current President caused more damage than the natural calamities struck the Philippines.

In his statement, Lagman said that Duterte’s policies “could be worse than the combined disasters caused by Ondoy, Yolanda, Ompong and other typhoons and calamities,”

“When President Duterte took over the presidency in July 2016, inflation was only 1.3 percent. Now it is a crippling 6.4 percent due in no small measure to culpable government neglect and errant policies,” he said.

He mentioned the economic problems faced by the Duterte government which he believes more damaging than any strongest typhoon that hit the country.

“The traffic gridlock when Duterte became President cost the country P3 billion daily in lost opportunities. Now, with the worsening traffic mess, the daily loss is equivalent to P3.5 billion or P1.3 trillion per year, which is 34 percent of the P3.757-trillion proposed budget for (next year),” he added.

Lagman also pointed out that more Filipinos are now considered themselves as poor compared to the past administration.

The Duterte administration also ruined the judicial system of the Philippines, according to Lagman citing how Atty. Maria Lourdes Sereno was ousted via an “irregular petition for quo warranto”.

“In 2016, the (country) had a fairly respectable and independent judiciary but Duterte has destroyed the judicial system when he inveigled the Supreme Court to oust in an improvident and irregular petition for quo warranto chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, whom he publicly urged to be removed for being his enemy,” he said.

Lagman also cited that the Philippines was being considered by Asian region as the leader in terms of human rights protection “but has lost that premier status when Duterte campaigned for the restoration of the death penalty and violated human rights with impunity.”

Lagman is one of the fiercest critics of the Duterte administration.

Meanwhile, netizens didn’t receive Lagman’s politicking in the middle of the natural calamity, saying that as a lawmaker he should also help the victims of the Typhoon.

“Instead of praying and helping the typhoon victims… They use it as an opportunity to Slam the govt… Is this how we want the yellows back?” Joey Ruiz said.

“Cant help but comment..in times like this,pls set aside your political anguish..many people have been greatly affected..mas makakabuti na magtulungan na lng po” Joanna Bonifacio-Luna remarked.

“The damage you and your party mates did to the Philippines is far more destructive then all the typhoons and earthquakes combined. Everytime you open your big mouth’s it is to say some horendous lies.” Carmina Gomez commented.

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