Netizens slam PCOO officials for disowning Mocha: “You cannot even defend the president when falsely attacked by critics. “

Because of another controversy faced by Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, even her colleagues are now trying to distance from her.

But several netizens are very disappointed on the actions of PCOO against Mocha Uson after one of its official Philippine Information Agency  (PIA) Director-General Harold Clavite asked the latter to take a leave from her job.


Now, the netizens are questioning the competence of the PCOO if they really did their job like what they claimed.

Netizen Allan Peter M. Sinco, addressed PCOO on his post, asking if the Communications Office really did their job in informing the public about the agendas of President Rodrigo Duterte.

He pointed out that until now, only a few people were aware of the Build Build Build that even a pageant contestant in Binibining Pilipinas was not cognizant of it.

Sinco pointed out that PCOO failed to spread awareness on Federalism despite the fact that this is the advocacy of President Rodrigo Duterte since his first day of presidency.

He also said that PCOO also did not do their job in defending the President when he was being attacked falsely by his critics.

The big question is… Did the PCOO deliver their task of informing the public effectively and efficiently as mandated by their very own office? If yes, how come only a few knows about Build Build Build? Not even the pageant contestant knows what it is? 

Federalism is part of PRRD’S campaign promise, did you PCOO do something to have at least a teaser to ignite awareness since day one of Duterte’s presidency?  In fairness, Mocha’s video is somehow successful in creating consciousness among the masses. 

You cannot even defend the president when falsely attacked by critics.  If and only if YOU are effectively communicating what’s happening in the government, Mocha’s style will not hold any footing. 

Ayusin nyo trabaho nyoSHAME ON YOU!

Meanwhile another netizen questioned PIA Director General Clavite for boasting that he did his job in serving President Rodrigo Duterte, while attacking Mocha Uson on social media.


Netizen Rem Jesus said that he even don’t know that there’s a Director General in PIA and he also asked Clavite if anyone from the masses know him, because he believes that Mocha’s contribution to PCOO is her ability to interact with the masses.

PIA…? Nagtatrabaho? Ano yon!? Meron pala Director General ang PIA? What have you been doing? Where have you been these last 2 years that you said you and your team have been working hard to support the President’s agenda? What have you really accomplished? Does anyone from the masses even know you at all? Sheesh,… PIA… ilan kayang masang Pilipino man lang ang nakakaalam ng ibig sabihin ng PIA at kung ano ang katungkulan at gjnagawa nila?

If one has nothing good to say about somebody else, it’s best that he says nothing at all.

Nasisilip at natatanong ka lang din tuloy kung, “hu u ka po!?”

Another Netizen James Penaflorida Amparo said that Mocha contributed a lot than the whole team of PCOO in spreading the agendas of the Duterte administration.

Mocha have done more to disseminate the achievements of the Gov’t and to defend the President compared to the whole work of PCOO. TP is right, Para lang kayong display jan!

Sam O. Umaga also became passionate while criticizing the PCOO for their failure to defend the President from bad publicity, while Mocha is doing it alone.

Yun nga ang problema nyo you FAILED….


Negative publicity or not she seems more effective than YOU

You failed to attract people about Federalism

You failed to control lies thrown to the President by ABS CBN, GMA and Inquirer

It is like your PIA is so stagnant and you want to please everybody…

Hello kailan kayo kikilos na with conviction…. Atleast Mocha is direct and her being straightforwardness she speaks what we want to say… kaya nyang sabihin na nandaya ang LP gamit smartmatic…. Manloloko si Noynoy …. Dinaya ni Robredo si BBM

Alam nyo yun ang kulang sa inyo…

Before you scold Mocha better look at yourself first kasi if we were to evaluate your PIA… you FAILED in many aspects

Uson is not yet giving any statement on the request of Clavite to her to take a leave.

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