Netizen brilliantly explain why ‘Pepedederalismo’ dance helped to spread awareness on Federalism


Some believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson and Pro-DDS Blogger Drew Olivar’s controversial ‘Pepedederalismo’ dance made the topic ‘Federalism’ became the talk of the town and even became headlines in different top newspapers in the Philippines.

Despite the criticisms received by Mocha and her blogger friend for their performance, netizens still believed that the Communications assistant secretary helped to spread awareness on Federalism.

Castro Teresa, a follower of Mocha Uson said that the publicity received by the ‘Pepedederalismo’ dance successfully made Filipinos aware of the serious issue about Federalism.

She said that Mocha has the ability to gather people’s attention which is important when someone is trying to spread information about an important issue.

Teresa also believes that Mocha is only one of the few government officials who can speak the language of the simple Filipinos.

The fan of Mocha described what the artist-turned-government official did as ‘magic’ saying that because of a simple dance, the Federalism has gone viral.

She also believes that ‘singing’ and ‘dancing’ is an effective way of spreading information to public.

You can read her whole post below:

Why Mocha’s recent video about A DDS blogger, Drew Olivar, performance on Federalism went viral?

Mocha’s secret is simply the best! Mocha is the voice of so many! Mocha can speak our language that the matapobres and highly intellectual beings can’t! Iyan ang tiny magic ni Mocha Uson! We, the poorest of the poor and the OFWS-DDS can easily understand, absorb and relate to the message that Mocha’s imparting us!

Not anybody has been gifted to capture people’s attention and Mocha has been gifted with that ability and power. They don’t have what it take to orderly and properly disseminate information to the ordinary people and the OFWs…

Now it is trending and talk of the town! Everybody is talking about the controversial “Federalism”! This is what they call the Mocha’s effect! Magic di ba, mga bullies at salot!

By the way, dancing and singing are useful and effective tools to spread awareness and to disseminate information to the general public.

Huwag masyadong old fashioned at naive para hindi boring at mapagiwanan…Please act civil and normal! There is nothing wrong going out of your comfort zone just to make a huge impact to the world! Just being you is more than best! This is how I describe the unmasked, Mocha Uson.

On Sunday, Mocha Uson became controversial again because of their dance during their live gameshow in her blog.

Several Senators and groups criticized Mocha for being ‘rude’ about Federalism, saying that the said issue must be discussed seriously.

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