Migz Zubir on Duterte’s achievement: “It’s not being aired on television”

Senate Juan Miguel Zubiri called the attention of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), and it’s secretary Martin Andanar to be more active in spreading the achievements of President Rodrigo Duterte to the people.

In a resurfaced interview last year, Zubiri was disappointed after he saw some of his fellow Mindanaoan who’s still not aware of the achievements of the former Mayor of Davao City.

According to him, not all Mindanaoan knows that there’s already an anti-hospital deposit law and the medicines are already being given for free in government-owned clinics and hospitals.


He also mentioned that even the free-tuition law which signed by President Rodrigo Duterte was not known by the people of Mindanao.

Zubiri said that the mainstream media is more active in publishing negative news that’s why some people thought that everything happening during the Duterte administration is bad.

So to fight this problem, Zubiri asked the PCOO to counter the mainstream media by spreading the good news to the people.


He believes that if PCOO does the right thing, the approval rating of the President would not go down.

“We appeal to the PCOO and Secretary Andanar to promote the good news. Kasi parati nalang bad news nakikita ng ating kababayan, syempre nafufrustrate sila.” Zubiri told the reporters.

Blogger Thinking Pinoy (TP) who also criticized the PCOO several times for allegedly not countering the mainstream media and the propaganda by the opposition, shared the video of Zubiri.


“Medyo suko na ako sa suggestion ni Sen Zubiri e. Been saying the same thing since 2016.” TP said.

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