Actress Rita Avila to Duterte Supporters: “You can only help spreading more trash by bashing and hating”

Actress Rita Avila has had enough of the tirades of President Rodrigo Duterte against the Catholic Church.

On June 22, President pointed out some flaws of the book of Genesis in the Bible, questioning why God would make a paradise, then destroy it immediately.

He even called God “stupid” for allowing sins of the mankind to happen.

“You created something perfect, and then you think of an event that would tempt and destroy the quality of work,” he said, referring to the story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit.

“All of us are born with an original sin… what was the sin? Bakit original? Nasa womb ka pa, may kasalanan ka na. Anong klaseng relihiyon iyan?” he added.

Because of this, Avila became one of the latest celebrities who criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for attacking the Catholic Church and its beliefs.

In her Instagram post which already deleted as of writing, she told President Duterte that he’s only respecting himself and treating the people like trash.

She also said that the statements of President Duterte would only make the Philippines more belittled.

“You only respect yourself. You look at us garbage cans where you freely throw your trash. Wag naman ganun. Tao kami,” Avila said.

“Sa ngayon ang pakiramdam mo ay tao lang kami. Lang. Kung ganyan ang trato mo sa amin ay lalo lang liliit ang dignidad ng Pilipinas. Katiting na nga lang ang meron tayo eh.”

Avila also addressed the supporters of President Duterte, saying that they’re only helping to spread bad vibes instead of spreading good words.

“To all Duterte fans, I held much hope in him. But sorry this is too much. You can only help by spreading more trash by bashing and hating us but I wish you spread GOOD WORDS instead to help clean all of us up. Clean the energies surrounding us and ur precious selves too.” she said.

“We need to rise from too much hatred and trash. Sa ganito po tayo dapat mag hawak kamay.” she added.

Later on, she reposted an Instagram quote by Dalai Lama about on how simple is her religion and how it spread kindness to everyone.

She also pointed out that while most of the religion teaches how to love each other, it became also the reason for division.

“Religion has always separated all of us when LOVE ONE ANOTHER is the greatest teaching of each religion. Ironic isn’t it? We FIGHT. We HATE. We MOCK. Because of religion.” she said

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