LOOK: Taiwan politician uses President Duterte in his campaign advertisement to gather votes

It seems that President Duterte influenced many politicians not only in the Philippines but also overseas.

The photo posted by Nieviv Sucuaje is an evidence that even politician in other countries is using President Rodrigo Duterte’s anti-illegal drug stance to gather popularity in their places.

In the mobile advertisement spotted by Sucuaje, it shows the photo of President Rodrigo Duterte and the Taiwanese Politician using the slogan,  “Value life, refuse drugs”.

The photo quickly went viral on the internet and Duterte supporters claimed that President Duterte’s stance against illegal drugs is correct because it’s already being imitated by several politicians internationally.

Netizen FJ Andrade also shared his thoughts on why some politician is now using the style of President Duterte in gathering popularity in their places.

He said that despite Duterte’s close ties with the mainland China, it seems that Taiwanese politicians don’t mind using Duterte in their campaign strategy.

This image is significant in more ways than one. First. The world is now accepting and admiring how our president is handling the drug problem, so much so that politicians from other countries are using PRRD’s image to get votes. Hindi lang siya effective sa Pilipinas, it seems even sa Taiwan.

The second and more important angle here is that PRRD’s image is being used positively in Taiwan – a country that is technically considered a rebel province by China. You would expect them to ridicule PRRD who is known to be close to the mainland government. Apparently there are those in the rebel state that thinks it is actually worthwhile to use the image of a character closely linked to that of their enemy. This is indeed a testament to the popularity and charisma of this old mayor from the province.

Taiwan and Philippines consider each other as partners in fighting illegal drugs. Several weeks ago, Taiwanese authorities arrested the fugitive Ozamiz City Councilor Ardot Parojinog, a suspected illegal drug lord to the Philippines.

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