Writer explains why Kris Aquino commits a big political mistake by criticizing Mocha Uson

A writer from Mindanao shared his thoughts on the issue between Kris Aquino and Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson that started because of a video uploaded by the latter on her social media page.

Karlo Antonio David believed that Kris Aquino’s recent move was a “big political mistake” that might endanger her future plans if she decided to enter the world of politics.

According to his explanation, Aquino destroyed her only chance to convince that she’s supporting the current government and attain the support from the millions of the Duterte supporter.

She shifted allegiance to the Duterte camp when she picked a fight with Korina Sanchez. That received mixed reactions.

The Korean kiss was her chance to solidify her DDS cred

He believed that if Kris Aquino avoids being aggressive, the people might be convinced that she’s really now a supporter of the administration.

However, she released the wrong statement that resulted in another division and debate between the yellows and DDS.

‘There is nothing wrong with Duterte kissing consenting female supporters in a convivial and non-malicious context, just as there was nothing wrong with daddy or Noy doing so.’

That statement could have made her a crucial pro-Duterte figure: the catalyst for a pro-Duterte reading of the Aquino legacy (something which is very possible considering how Digong owes his political beginnings to EDSA). If she was trying to be a mole it would equally have worked better, as it would have worsened the already emerging divisions within the pro-Duterte camp.

But she instead chose to make it about her and her family being attacked by Mocha Uson, when Mocha was trying to say there was nothing wrong with what Duterte and Ninoy were doing (when Mocha Uson compares you to Duterte, you should be flattered). Kris Aquino could not resist playing the victim, and now she has made herself inconsistent.

She made it about her when, as Mocha’s soundbite now makes it abundantly clear, ‘this is not about her.’

This isn’t just about bad acting, this is about bad scriptwriting.

Two days ago, the word war between Uson and Aquino started when the actress posted a message on social media, saying that she got offended by what the communications assistant secretary posted.

Last week, Uson posted a video of Ninoy Aquino and President Rodrigo Duterte, receiving a kiss from their supporter to compare if there’s a difference between what the two leaders did.

However, Kris Aquino said that she was hurt by the video because the footage has been taken moments before her father was shot to death.

Despite of the pressure from the government and Aquino supporters, Uson chose not to apologize to the actress.


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