Columnist told Kris to defend her niece who couldn’t graduate in UP: Pasok, Kris. Awayin ang UP dahil nilalapastangan ang pamilya nyo

Veteran journalist and columnist Jojo Robles are one of the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte who came up to defend Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson from the criticisms that she received from the ‘queen of all media.’

Robles said in his post to Kris that if he really wanted to help or defend her family, the prominent talk show should also try to defend her niece.

Part of Jojo Robles’ post Photo: Screengrab from Robles’ Facebook page.

He claimed that the daughter of her sister is having a hard time in University of the Philippines, as the latter was not able to defend her thesis.

And because of this difficulties, the niece of Aquino might not finish college this year.

Jojo Robles also claimed that the niece of Kris tried to negotiate with the Department to reconsider her case, but the official refused, saying that their era has already done.

He said that if Kris really wanted to defend her family at all cost, she should also slam the University who turned down her niece.

You can read the whole post below:

Since defending your family seems to be your thing these days, how about helping one of your pamangkins in a thesis defense? Di ba matalino ka daw kasi alam mo lahat ng sagot sa “Game Ka Na Ba?”

Anyways, I learned that the daughter of ********** couldn’t graduate from UP Diliman this year because she was not able to defend her thesis. And she wasn’t able to do so because she didn’t do any work on it the whole term.

The kid tearfully asked the department to reconsider but was turned down. A department official was so incensed because Noynoy’s niece sounded so entitled.

“Hindi na panahon ng LP ngayon,” he said.

Pasok, Kris. Awayin ang UP dahil nilalapastangan ang pamilya nyo. Game na!

The post of Robles reached thousands of likes and shares from the netizens who were also angered by the recent move by Kris Aquino.

However, the original post has been deleted because of still not yet known reasons.

The issue between Mocha and Kris had already reached the national headlines and sparked a debate among netizens.

Some expressed their sympathy to Kris, including President Duterte itself, however, it didn’t make Mocha apologize to what she posted despite Christopher Bong Go, the President’s right hand said that the communications assistant secretary will apologize.

Source: Jojo Robles

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