PNP helps Agot Isidro after she receives threats from a netizen on Twitter.

Actress Agot Isidro who’s being talked right now because of her possibilities to enter politics claimed that she received a threat from a Twitter user who apparently using a fake account.

In her tweet, Isidro posted screenshots of a netizen violently threatening her in one of her tweets about the current condition of the Manila Skyline.

Twitter user @RusCo87690206 cursed Isidro on her post and threatened that he’s going to spill acid in the actress’ face once they crossed their path.

“Malaman ko lang presCon mo pupunta talaga ako. I’ll make sure labnos mukha mo sa asido,” the netizen told Isidro.

“***** you po! Aalamin ko venue ng prescon mo bubuhusan talaga kita ng asido,” the netizen added.

This made the fans of Agot Isidro tried to do some effort to help the actress by trying to call the attention of Philippine National Police (PNP)

Later on, PNP Tweets @PNPhotline confronted the netizen who threatened Isidro and told him about the possible charges that he would face once his identity has been revealed.

“Bawal po sa batas yan. Threat po yan. Pwede po kayo kasuhan.” PNP Tweets told the netizen.

PNP also informed the other netizens that they can also contact the Anti-Cyber Crime group if they also received some violent threats from other people on social media.

“Salamat sa pag tag. Maari po mag reklamo sa PNP Anti Cyber Crime para sa mga ganitong threat sa social media. Di po tama manakot na magsaboy ng asuido. Mananagot po sa batas @RusCo87690206,” they said.

As of now, the account of the netizen who threatened Isidro has already been deactivated. It’s not yet known if Isidro is going to file charges against him.

Isidro started to receive criticisms on social media after she started to voice out his disgust to President Rodrigo Duterte and called him “psychopath.”

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