Pamilya ni Rico Yan, nagsalita na sa patuloy na pagdalaw ng mga content creator sa puntod ng aktor

Rico Yan’s family finally addressed the trend of individuals visiting the actor’s resting place and making content out of it.

In a statement, Bobby Yan said they’re fine with people visiting Rico’s place in Manila.


He also clarified that random people visiting Rico were normal for them already.

“We welcome po anyone from anywhere. We have visitors from abroad visit Rico’s tomb and there are visitors weekly since 22 years ago,” said Bobby.

The Yan family also said that they would only take action if the situation already bothered the mausoleums near Rico.

“It’s nothing to be concerned about for now,” he said.


It can be recalled that Rico became the subject of some content creators, which resulted in the late actor gaining new fans.

Some even visited Rico’s mausoleum and even recorded themselves while spending their time with the late actor.

The content creators also insisted that they’re not using Rico for clout and described themselves as avid fans.





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