Nawawalang psychology student, lumutang matapos ipahanap ng magulang

A psychology student who was thought to be missing finally clarified her current situation.

Several days ago, “Jamee,” a student of La Consolacion College in Bacolod, went viral on social media after several media outlets reported that she was missing.


Many thought that she was really missing and even created some theories that someone forcefully took her.

However, a Facebook user claimed to be Jamee set the record straight that she really intended to leave her family.

She started her open letter with: “Min, ma, pa, si Jamee ni. I couldn’t comment on your post so here nalang. I’m not missing, I’m safe, leave me alone,”


“I waited until I was 21 to leave. I deleted my accounts, I blocked all your numbers, what part of that says I want you to look for me. I want all of you in that family to think about what you’ve been doing to me and how you treated me for all these years, what makes you think I will stay there.


“I didn’t think you would make this blow up and I could just leave quietly. I want peace and freedom, leave me alone, never talk to me, don’t look for me,” 

As of writing, the exact reason why Jamee didn’t like to stay with her family anymore was still unknown.

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