Rosmar Tan, inulan nanaman ng batikos matapos ang kanyang sinabi matapos magbigay ng pera

Entrepreneur and social media personality Rosmar Tan was facing criticism again on social media after asking her cameraman if they recorded how she gave money to an old man.

In the video, Rosmar was shown giving money to a PWD she met along the road.


The PWD couldn’t hide his happiness after receiving cash from the entrepreneur.

However, before the video ended, Rosmar could be heard asking the cameraman if they recorded her ‘good deed.’

“Ok na, na video mo?” Rosmar asked.

Because of the video, Rosmar who’s still being criticized due to her actions during her travel to Coron, was facing another controversy again.


Yung totoong kindness hindi binobroascast. Lately, very tacky ang mga pakulo nila. Tutulong pero sobrang daming paandar? Nasaan ang integrity?” netizen Angelica said.

“Nakilala ko lang tong babaeng to dahil dun sa Palawan fiasco nila. Feeling ko sadya talaga pag-pakalat neto para mapag-usapan nanaman sya haha,” netizen Psyche commented.

Several content creators were also being criticized for using poor people as content.


The content niche became controversial in the Philippines as many netizens believed the money creators were giving to the unfortunate people they were documenting was small compared to their possible earnings once they uploaded their ‘good deeds’ on the internet.

Ok na, na video mo? – Rosmar
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