Angelicopter, naglabas ng hinanakit sa asawang si DJ Mo Twister

Angelika Schmeing-Cruz, also known as radio DJ ‘Angelicopter’ spilled teas against her husband, DJ Mo Twister.

In her now-deleted livestream, Angelica said she would never reconcile with her husband after their separation because of several factors.


Angelica admitted that she would never return to her husband’s podcast show, ‘Good Times With Mo’ after the latter decided to invite new guests.

The DJ narrated that her relationship with Mo has been rocky since January.

She also said that her husband’s decision to invite Denise Laurel to their podcast was the final nail in the coffin of her relationship with Mo.

Angelika claimed that there was a past between her husband and Denise.

According to some avid podcast fans, Angelika didn’t like Denise, and Mo could invite more people who might trigger his wife.

As of this writing, Denise has yet to respond to Angelika.

Mo Twister revealed that Angelica ended their relationship during their third wedding anniversary.


“I got dumped on our third-year wedding anniversary. That day…I don’t think she knew it was our wedding anniversary,” he said.

Netizens were expecting that the issue would continue to escalate and may reach mainstream in the coming days.

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