Papi Galang, pinanood ng buong pamilya habang nanganganak

The Toro family captured the attention of the netizens again after they published the actual footage of Papi Galang while giving birth to her third child.

The footage shows members of the Toro family present during Papi’s special moment.


Netizens also noticed that Toni Fowler’s partner, Tito Vince, was comfortable in the front seat while assisting the nurses and doctors facilitating Papi’s water birth.

The video received mixed reactions from the netizens, saying that the Toro family should respect Papi’s privacy.

However, some fans believed that the Toro family only wanted to show to the public the hardship of being a mother.


Meanwhile, Mari Fowler addressed the criticism they received, saying that they didn’t have any malice watching Papi’s giving birth.

“Wala kaming malisya sa bahay at kaibigan, ikaw lang naglalagay nun depende sa tiwala mo sa tao. Maging masaya nalang tayo na naging safe yung delivery. It’s a baby girl,” ani Mari.


The video was part of the reality show formed by Toro Family.

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