Nadia Montenegro, inamin na energy drink ang dahilan ng kanyang pagkabulag

Veteran actress Nadia Montenegro disclosed the possible reason why she became blind in one eye.

In an interview with Julius Babao, Nadia said that her blindness started during a golf tournament she attended in 2008.


At that time, Nadia was hungry and very thirsty, so she decided to grab an energy drink because it was available at the event.

However, after she drank the energy drink, she started to feel cramps in her stomach.

“Uminom ako ng energy drink it was a golf tournament, gutom na gutom ako, uhaw na uhaw, ‘yun lang ang una kong nakita, ‘yun ang ininom ko,” said Nadia.

“After one hour, kala ko mag LBM na ko, ‘yun pala pagbanyo ko, dugo-dugo na ‘yung lumabas, nabutas na pala ‘yung tiyan ko,” she added.


She was rushed to a hospital in Cavite, but due to her severe bleeding, she was transferred again to St. Luke’s.

According to Nadia, both of her eyes were blinded due to the bleeding she experienced.

Fortunately, the doctors managed to save her other eye.


“I can see now. It’s a miracle. I was medically blind because 70% of my retina was torn but because of my Doctor Naval, now I can see. After three surgery,” Nadia said in an interview in 2009.

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