Stefano Mori, nagbigay ng kanyang mensahe sa dating ka-loveteam na si Camille Prats

Former child actor Stefano Mori addressed his former co-star Camille Prats during the latter’s birthday last June 20.

Stefano, who does not use any social media platforms, relayed his message for Camille to his wife, Victoria.


“Happy birthday Camille! Hope you have a good one-Borj.” said Stefano.


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Many netizens were happy that Stefano still remembered Camille’s birthday and even made a very rare post on social media for his friend.

Camille and Stefano became co-stars in several television programs, including G-Mik and ASAP. He was also part of the boyband trio JCS, together with Carlo Aquino and John Prats.


It can be recalled that Stefano’s popularity reemerged on social media after some old photos of him circulated on social media, which resulted in him getting new fans.

However, Stefano said that he would not return to show business anytime soon and asked his new fans to support his colleagues who were still working in the industry.


He decided to leave the industry in 2002 and now living in Italy. But there were reports that he was still managing some businesses in the Philippines.

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