The Hungry Syrian Wanderer, nawalan ng P650,000 matapos lokohin ng isang Chinese

Content creator Basel Manadil, a.k.a “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer,” shared an unfortunate incident he experienced during his transaction with a Chinese man.

In his vlog, Basel said that he ordered some packaging materials for his restaurant. However, despite paying full price, all of his orders were not fulfilled.


According to him, the product was worth P600,000, and he even asked for an additional P50,000 to process the order.

“I have been scammed by this Chinese man here in the Philippines and its terrible the amount we’re talking about 600,000.00 pesos plus 50,000.00,” said Basel.

“I just wanted to order packanging for YOLO for my restaurant from ” ALIBABA” and I enden up scammed with almost 600k plus 50k with tha damages that happen in my Restaurant, that Chinese person that I ordered from scammed me and blocked me in “What’sapp, leave the GC is terrible,” he added.

He tried to contact Alibaba to complain, but the online platform didn’t respond helpfully.


Basel even said that the seller was a verified company on the online platform and enjoyed positive reviews.

“We got scammed inside the website of Alibaba imagine it’s even verified company, verified seller which so many good reviews they scam us so beware mga “Tao” if ever you’re going to be in this situation,” he stated.

Basel was a foreigner who decided to live in the Philippines permanently.


Aside from creating content, Basel also managed a food business.

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