Netizen, itinanggi na siya ang babae na bumili ng cellphone gamit ang napulot na credit card

A netizen asked other social media users to stop publishing negative comments about her after she was suspected of being the woman who went viral on social media for using the credit card she picked up from a lost wallet.

It can be recalled that J-ezy Drake Garcia addressed the netizens to help him find the woman who bought an expensive phone using his lost credit card.


The woman was also photographed by the shop where the phone was bought.

Meanwhile, netizen Emmarie Diaz Saldana received messages from her friends and other social media users after they thought that she was the woman being tracked by Garcia.

However, she couldn’t stop being fascinated by how the woman resembled her.


To prove that she was not the woman in the photo, she published a photo taken during her activities on June 16, 2024, the day when the phone was bought.

“Mahaba na po ang hair ko ngayon, and may “tulo” (heart shaped) buhok ko sa forehead. *Punta kayo sa bahay, para ma-confirm nyo. Dala kayo millktea,” she wrote.

Saldana also shared that she messaged Garcia to clear her name.

Meanwhile, it was possible that Garcia’s wallet was not lost all along, as the suspect was known to have used other people’s credit cards in the past.


As of writing, the authorities has yet to update on the possible whereabouts of the suspect.

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