Mag-asawa na nakaranas ng malabangungot na kasal sa Amlan, binigyan ng ikalawang wedding

A newlywed couple in Amlan was given a chance to experience a proper wedding a week after they published a complaint about how a Parish Church rushed their ceremony.

It can be recalled that on June 8, 2024, couple Jove and Janine Sagario aired their disappointment towards Saint Andrew Parish in Amlan after the priest started the mass without waiting for the bride to reach the altar.


The incident started due to a miscommunication between the couple and church officials about the real schedule of the wedding.

After the incident, several wedding suppliers united to organize a part two wedding for the couple, led by violinist John Lester Barot.

Some volunteered to become wedding coordinators, a food service provider provided free catering, and a designer created wedding dresses and suits for the couple.

In a Facebook post, John shared how they managed to organize a luxurious wedding for the couple.

A video shared by John also showed Janine, who finally made a proper wedding entrance and

John also listed the people who made part two of the wedding possible.

Some netizens believed that the wedding would cost millions of pesos, but thanks to the help of the suppliers, the event happened without the couple having to shell out money.

Netizens also congratulated the people behind the event.


“Congratulations!!! on a successful “The Second Time Around Wedding.” This is possible because God sees the couple’s heart that they wanted their wedding to be memorable but things are happening beyond everyone’s control, God sent people to be instruments that they deserved another most memorable one,” netizen Maria said.

“Loud Applause to Sir John Lester Barot who was a very generous and kind human, he was wholeheartedly willing to help the couple in their trying times. To all sponsors mentioned in their SDE Video, Loud Applause also to all of you, you are all so amazingly generous living creatures and do it with much humility and passion to serve their wedding moment. All your helping hands will be rewarded by the Lord who sees that. God bless the couples and God bless all dedicated sponsors. Congratulations!!! once again not just to the bride and groom but also to those who lend their helping hands to make the event possible,” she added.


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