Mary Joy Santiago, sasampahan na ng reklamo ng PNP matapos nitong ipagmalaki na may escort silang HPG

Viva artist Mary Joy Santiago would face charges after claiming that a Highway Patrol Group member escorted her vehicle.

It can be recalled that Santiago’s post received criticism on social media after she flexed how her “husband” hired an HPG member to escort their vehicle.


“How can I settle for less when my husband hired a HPG ESCORT para lang hindi ako ma traffic sa pupuntahan ko? (Have my own driver and car)” she wrote.

According to HPG, they couldn’t identify the escort, which led them to conclude that the rider was not their member.

They said the rider was wearing an old uniform, which had already been replaced many months ago.

Santiago released a statement after her post went viral and even challenged the people to find the truth about her husband.


“So my IG STORY WENT VIRAL. I am a politician’s other woman DAW and KABIT. Lol KASAL PO KAMI Napost ko nadin po siya [laughing crying emoji,” she said.

“Come on, since u’re only collecting info on socials, y not extend ur skills and find out urselves if ur opinion is the truth? Or maybe ur opinion satisfies your needs for drama. ENJOY MGA KEYBOARD WARRIOR,” she added.

This was not the first controversy Santiago was faced.

Last year, the actress also became an issue after she was accused of being the third party of McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson’s breakup.



Mary Joy Santiago x HPG Escort Update
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