Father Albert Bohol, ipinaliwanag kung bakit minadali ang kasal ng isang magsing-irog sa Amlan

The head priest of the parish where the infamous wedding happened on Amlan explained why he decided to rush the ceremony and even started the mass without waiting for the bride to reach the altar.

In his explanation,  Msgr. Albert Erasmo G. Bohol, the head Parish priest of Saint Andrew Parish, admitted a miscommunication between them and the bride and groom, resulting in a confusing mass arrangement that day.

According to him, the assistant priest who facilitated the wedding still continued the wedding despite the couple was already late by an hour.


“On June 8, 2024, instead of arriving for the 8:00 AM wedding Mass, the bride and the groom arrived at around 9:00 AM. Despite the fact that they were late by an hour, still our Assisting Priest celebrated the Mass out of charity to the couple,” Bohol said.

They also clarified that the assistant priest rushed the start of the wedding mass due to the other faithful waiting outside for a funeral mass.

“He had to hurriedly make some adjustments, by starting when he saw the bride at the Church entrance, and after sending word to the bereaved family waiting outside the Church that there is going to be a delay in the Funeral Mass and to please wait until the wedding is over,” they explained.


Bohol made an apology to the public on behalf of the said assistant priest.

“OUR APOLOGY. However, we humbly admit the fact that along the way, there were statements made carried away by emotions,” they wrote.


Parish staff also showed the bulletin board showing that the wedding proceeded according to its original schedule, which contradicted the bride and groom’s claims.

Photo from Roque Delapena

As of writing, the priest in the viral video has yet to give a statement on the issue.

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