Kasal, nauwi sa bangungot matapos umanong umpisahan ng pari ang misa kahit wala pa ang bride

A special day for a couple turned into a disappointment after the parish priest who facilitated their wedding started the mass even without the bride.

In a Facebook post, Janine Seit Suelto-Sagario shared the disheartening story of the wedding ceremony held at Saint Andrew Parish in Amlan.


According to her, they were informed that the wedding was rescheduled to 9:30 A.M from its original schedule of 8:00 AM.

However, it was already too late when they realized that the wedding would proceed to its original schedule without informing them, which resulted in them being late for an hour.

They were also approached by Parish staff, reprimanded for being late, and didn’t receive any chance to explain themselves.

Suelto-Sagario also said that the Parish Priest started the wedding even without the bride.


She said that due to the pressure, she was forced to ruin her once-in-a-lifetime bridal entrance by rushing to the altar.

The bride, who was pregnant, also narrated that she almost slipped while rushing to reach the altar, which endangered her unborn child.

Despite her bad experience, Suelto-Sagario ignored the negative feedback they received from the Parish officials as she was proud of their Church.


After her post went viral, Suelto-Sagario also said that their wedding might be repeated due to the assistance of local suppliers.

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