Isang babae na pumigil sa isang kasal, hindi pala kilala ng groom at bride

A scene that one would think could only be seen on soap operas happened in real life during a wedding in Lupon, Davao Oriental.

In a video published by japs_and_etc, a woman disrupts a wedding ceremony by repeatedly asking the church to stop the ceremony.

“Itigil ang kasal!” the woman repeatedly shouted.


The woman could also be seen confronting the husband and the bride and pleading with them not to continue the ceremony.

Later on, several guests quickly escorted the woman, who appeared to faint outside the church.


Despite the short disruption, the wedding between the two couples resumed.

According to several local reports, the bride and groom didn’t know the woman personally, which gave them the assumption that she was facing a mental health problem.


“Nagpaliwanag na po ang bride sa pangyayaring ito. Hindi po nila kilala ang babaeng sumigaw. Masasabi din daw na mukhang mentally challenged yung babae o wala sa katinuan,” the video uploader said.


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