Ginawa ni Vice Ganda sa isang contestant sa It’s Showtime, binalikan ng mga netizens

A video of Vice Ganda, which was taken several years ago, went viral again on social media amid the issue being faced by the comedian for calling out a searchee of EXpecially For You for allegedly trying to kiss a participant without asking for consent.

In the video, a contestant of a now-defunct segment of It’s Showtime, Rampabida, was talking to Vice when the comedian suddenly held the contestant’s nape while jokingly attempting to kiss him.

The background music used on the video was the warning made by Vice to EXpecially For You contestant Axel Cruz.

According to the fans who watched the whole episode, Vice’s gesture was part of the comedy skit.


Netizens couldn’t stop themselves from reacting to the video, saying Vice couldn’t practice what he preached.

“Naka SAD lang, na madami pa rin silang na na influence na kumakampi sa kanila,Kay din siguro Ang lalakas ng loob nila at ang tatapang at tataas ng mga pride,kahit may MALI naman talaga sila,Yan! parang Wala lang,” netizen Mary said.


“I dunno why some people still watching and patronizing this kind of show.I mean,where’s the value?Pag nagkamali,okay lang kasi you made a mistake and you can always say sorry and just get on with it?Nawawala na values and morals lalo na sa mga batang nanonood na thinking it is a NORMAL thing to do a BAD THING as long as you say your sorry.What a waste of time slot sa noon show,” netizen Mike remarked.

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