Annabelle Rama nagbigay ng clue kung sino ang ‘Chuckie’ na kanyang binabanggit sa post niya

Talent manager Annabelle Rama gave a clue on who the “Chuckie” she was referring to in her previous post is.

In her Facebook post, Annabelle shared a post while she was watching the movie “Chuckie” and included a caption, giving a clue who the individual she was being compared to the said character.


“Ito si Chucky doll……E,” said Annabelle.

Some netizens quickly tried to guess the said individual, and most of them believed that Annabelle was referring to Esther Lahbati, the mother-in-law of her son, Richard Gutierrez.

It can be recalled that Esther reacted to some posts that addressed the Gutierrez family amid the separation issue between her daughter, Sarah Lahbati, and Richard.

She also reacted to the criticism addressed to Richard’s rumored girlfriend, Barbie Imperial.


Meanwhile, Annabelle was speculated to be in favor of Barbie based on her previous post.

“Hoy!! Yung walang magawa sa buhay tumahimik na kayo. Kasi si Annabelle Doll hindi lalaban kay Barbie Doll maganda, maputi at makinis. Ang gusto makalaban ni Annabelle Doll si Chucky . Alam nyo na kung sino yun HAHAHA happy kana!?” said Annabelle.

If Annabelle were referring to Esther, this would not be the first time when the two would criticize each other.

Annabelle and Esther already exchanged heated words against each other in the past.


“Tigilan mo na ‘yang arte-arte mo, Esther. Ako ay naiinis na sa ‘yo. Huwag mo ako hamunin, hindi ako natatakot sa ‘yo! Tumigil ka na, tama na ‘yan!” she stated.

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