Sikat na ‘lock’ issue, scripted lamang umano ayon sa ilang netizens

A video taken in Indonesia was making rounds on social media due to its bizarre content, showing an alleged rare case of ‘vaginismus.’

The video published by Gubes Mamaz Karyo showed a couple that couldn’t separate themselves and tried to be helped by their relatives.

Many netizens online thought that it was real, but according to some people who watched the whole video, the channel where the video was uploaded wrote a disclaimer that everything they published was scripted.

“Ang palabas na ito ay hango sa isang kwentong bayan at purong kathang-isip lamang. Kung may pagkakatulad man ang pangalan ng isang tauhan, lugar ng pangyayari, o kagananap ay ito’y nagkataon lamang,” the disclaimer reads when translated to Filipino.


The said channel was known for publishing exaggerated content; every video they published also went viral on social media.

An Indonesian also said that many of his countrymen were already aware that the videos being published by Gubes Mamaz Karyo were pure fiction only.


Meanwhile, experts said that people should stop spreading false information about the channel and inform the netizens about the real story behind the video.

There were only a few cases of vaginismus that have been reported throughout history, and while there were recorded videos showing its actual case, it was not medically proven to be true and also possibly made for the content.

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