Bokalista ng “True Faith” na si Medwin Marfil, nagpakasal na sa kanyang nobyo

Medwin Marfil surprised his fans when he announced his marriage to his male partner, Mark Angeles.

In his social media post, Medwin shared one of the highlights of his life after he legally married his boyfriend in California, where it was legal for both men to tie the knot.

The photo he posted showed him and Mark wearing white long sleeves, khaki pants, and white shoes, which possibly taken after their wedding.

“It was a beautiful day,” he wrote.



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Mark was based in America and working in the healthcare industry in California.

Medwin had also been living in California for years after his band decided to take a break.

It can be recalled that in 2022, Medwin revealed that his bandmates were already discussing the disbandment of True Faith.

The vocalist’s post on social media received mixed reactions from the netizens.

“Now ko lang nalaman. No sign of being a member. Life is full of surprises talaga. Congratulations idol ko to eh,” netizen Don said.

“A big fan since college days…never knew he was…but CONGRATULATIONS!” netizen Reyes said.

Medwin’s True Faith was one of the longest-active bands in the country, creating music for its fans over three decades.

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