Coleen Garcia, nagbahagi ng mensahe matapos mag-alala ang mga netizens sa asawa niyang si Billy Crawford

Television host Coleen Garcia-Crawford published an open letter to the netizens amid concerns about her husband, Billy Crawford’s health.

It can be recalled that a video of Billy circulated on social media, and some netizens couldn’t help but express concern about the actor’s alleged sudden weight loss.


In her Facebook post, Coleen posted a photo of herself in her normal home appearance, which is believed to be a response to the people speculating on Billy’s health.

She said that people should stop speculating about someone’s state based on their appearance.


“I look sick. I look pale. I look depressed. My hair’s a frizzy mess, esp in this insane heat.
No it’s not cause of bisyo. It’s not cause of unbearable stress or marital problems or depression. It’s because I’m human. We all are. I break out, I get tired, I am getting older every day,” she said.

“Anyone can bash, judge, speculate. Or we can lessen that, & make it SAFER for people to be unapolegetically authentic. Cause no one should ever have to feel like they need to put on a mask just to be accepted. Showbiz is a switch we turn on until we get to shed the makeup, the hair extensions & the pretensions and just BE. We complain abt how everything on social media is so fake & filtered, and then in the same breath, we bash what’s real when we feel like it’s not pretty enough for us,” she added.


Coleen received a tremendous amount of support from fans and told the critics to stop spreading rumor about Billy.

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