Vice Ganda, nagtapama nga ba kay Francine Diaz sa isang event

Fans of Francine Diaz were disappointed after Vice Ganda allegedly made their idol one of the subjects of the It’s Showtime host’s joke during an event in Pampanga.

During the event, Vice called out his co-host, Anne Curtis, in jest and asked her not to skip the lines of the performing artists.


“Si Anne Curtis dapat mamaya pa siya, pero ewan ko sumingit siya sa pila ng mag peperform. Kaya Anne Curtis respect naman please. Respect naman sa artist,” he said.

It can be recalled that Francine went viral on social media after she performed earlier as intended during an event in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

Her sudden appearance on the stage caused the OPM band Orange and Lemons to leave the area, as they reportedly felt disrespected by Francine’s actions.


According to the event organizers, Francine asked them to perform earlier, and while they gave her the signal, the band was not informed about the last-minute schedule change.

Francine was supposed to perform at 2 A.M, but she asked to perform an hour earlier, which was the original schedule of Orange and Lemons.

The two camps already fixed their differences and apologized for the misunderstanding that happened during the event.



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