Andi Eigenmann, nagsalita tungkol sa umano’y hiwalayan nila ni Philmar Alipayo

Actress Andi Eigenmann made a response to the rumors about her separation with Philmar Alipayo.

In her Instagram post, Andi laughed at the reports that she was single again, saying that she was clueless about the rumors as she was busy traveling with her brother and children.


“I literally just went on a vacation with my brother and our kids, and come home to find out, through the internet, that I’ve just been separated,” she wrote with a laughing emoji.

She also addressed the rumors that she was not really sad with the loss of her mother, Jaclyn Jose.

“The internet didn’t seem to like that I was grieving the loss of my nanay. Apparently, according to them, I had been faking my sadness about it all along (Not enough social media posts perhaps?) Due to this, the internet has decided that the reason for my sadness is not that I have recently been an orphan but in fact, a divorcee (even if I had never been married,” she stated.

In a separate post, Andi said that she went to travel to grieve to the untimely loss of her mother.


“My grief is a lot of me hoping that your soul, spirit [and] energy went somewhere as beautiful as you; and even more of me missing the being, body [and] person that once held it all,” she said.

“When I walk around this city and I remember that heading home to see her, to sit around, to chat and cackle for hours on end, cannot be an option anymore, I think to myself, ‘So this is what it feels like to drown.’” she added.




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